I'm Briana

I'm twenty years old, married to my best friend and a coffee enthusiast.

I eat, sleep and breathe photography. I crave that connection with my brides and to adventure with my couples that are engaged and preparing for their wedding. I’ve been through wedding planning myself and it can be extremely STRESSFUL— that is where I come in! There's a few things you should know about the way that I do things first.

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If you're searching for a photographer that poses you and asks you to look at them, while standing there and smiling, we may not be the best fit for each other. If you're price shopping and looking for the cheapest deal, you won't value what I have to offer you. If you are looking for a photographer that shoots super bright photos, you won’t love my style. All of this is okay because you should have a photographer that fits YOUR needs. 


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I want to become fully invested. I want to know how you first met, how he proposed, what fuels your soul. I don't want to just be that checkmark on your list because you've now booked your wedding photographer. I want to be more than that. Let me be invested in you. 

If you don't mind getting your clothes a little dirty, being spun around until you dizzily fall over laughing and leaving with tangled hair that the wind has soared through, then I am your girl. I'll get goosebumps as you exchange your vows, laugh when you shove wedding cake up each others' noses, and will get on the dance floor if the crowd starts to die down. Every time you open your gallery, I want you to relive the little moments again and again that slowly slip our memories as years go by. I want you to look back and glance at the details that I captured that you never even got a chance to look at on your wedding day because you were so busy hugging and crying and kissing family members' cheeks. You'll miss the moment where your mom and dad start slow dancing on the dance floor because you're taking in the moment with your newlywed significant other- as you SHOULD be. As I'm sure you can guess... that's where I come in. 

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